Projects & Initiatives


Our priority are our students and as an officially recognized educational institute in, we develop several projects looking to improve the Cameroonian educational system in technical and vocational ICT training.

Projects and initiatives of our students

These are the projects and initiatives that some of our students are working on. If you want to contribute and encourage them to continue, contact us.


General Projects and Initiatives of the Institution

These are some general projects that the institution is running or has plan to start. If you want to support with some contribution or knowledge please contact us.

Institution´s Projects


And these are the projects that we have developed and completed (some of them are still running) with the support of different people:

Completed Projects

 As you can see, we are a formal institution which is strongly working in our vision to transform the reality of many people in Africa, working on a Practical Educational System developing technological knowledge.

If you want to join our vision and become a PARTNER of this cause, please CONTACT US. We  will very grateful with you.